Hi there,

this is Chris. I love writing music.

I am fascinated by how it is able to move me and others, often while being invisible alltogether. It can be soft. It can be fearsome. But it's an beautiful art however it is going to be used.

One of the scariest moments for me in writing music is in the beginning of a project: a blank page. All possabilities are there, lying right in front of me. I can choose freely. But I never know if there will be an idea in the end that is worth to be followed. And there are so many directions one could go. Fortunately as scary as the first step is on that path, as overwhelmingly satisfying is the moment when it clicks. It's working. We are going somewhere.

When writing music, it is my highest priority to make you feel it. That's what it's all about in the end. The music is able to translate and it makes a story or message leaving the screen, floating through the room and creating a connection with the observer. It can be experienced. It can be felt. And therfore it sticks.

When that resonates with you, why don't you shoot me an Email so we can figure out what I can do for you and your project, your vision?

Have a great time!