“Mach es einfach”

A podcast which specialised on self-management and improvement, a topic which I am interested in for myself. At it’s core it features two tracks: one main track, which builds the oral foundation of the podcast and one track which has the interesting task to mark quotations.
You can listen to the podcast with the following link.

Mach es einfach


Radio Drama

“Die München”

During my apprenticeship I got the opportunity to be part of the radio drama “Die München” which should be written completely from scratch. I had some other responsibilities but my main contribution was the music.
It features kind of a hybrid sound. It has both orchestral and synthesized elements, which are on the dark side of things. You can hear the complete radio drama  if you follow the link below.

Die München



Here you will find some pieces which aren’t associated with anything in particular or don’t have a specific category to sort them in.